iFaceSimulator S4
iFaceSimulator S4
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iFaceSimulator S4

iFace Simulator
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Small in size. Great on portability.

The skin for this simulator was developed by combining
different formulas in our laboratory. It is made up of three
layers with three work systems and components each:
The outer covering, which we perceive as the skin of the
simulator, consists of a soft, flexible but resistant layer of
platinum-based silicone, which encapsulates the internal
The encapsulated internal gel is what provides the
appearance and feeling of the plasticity, elasticity and
flexibility of human skin, making it possible to generate
typical wrinkles.
The silicone that acts as a base, also provides a
human-like sensation, though it mainly gives overall
rigidity and resistance for the work required.
These last two layers are in turn made up of platinum
silicone and formulated in such a way, so that the internal
gel is not lost. The iFaceSimulator S4’s high-level
technology guarantees security, strength and durability.